Amazon Marketplace Training

For ecommerce retailers, very few services can have as quite of a profound influence on your success as Amazon. That being said, Amazon can be tricky to navigate. In an attempt to ensure that Amazon has the highest quality products, and ensure the best customer service (which no one can really deny) Amazon has instituted standards that every business or individual needs to meet in order to sell on their marketplace.

While similar to eBay in many regards, Amazon is the homo sapien to eBay's homo erectus. With single product listings organized by UPC, Amazon Prime, and free 2 day shipping with Amazon Fulfillment, there is not much that other comparison shopping engines can do to compete. For an ecommerce website, this should be a day one priority. That means you need to have an Amazon strategy in place, even prior to other marketing avenues like PPC, SEO, or affiliate marketing and if you don't you are missing out on the very best marketing channel available to an online retailer.

    Maintaining Amazon's Good Graces

    One mistake many starting companies make (and not just in regards to selling on Amazon), is that they do not have processes set up for every aspect of their business. With Amazon especially, you need to have a process for handling shipping, providing tracking, responding to emails, and every other aspect of interaction between yourself and Amazon, and yourself and Amazon's customers (most important of all). Amazon is like that cute girl at the bar. She doesn't need to play hard to get, so she just tells you yes or no. If you want to continue to sell on Amazon, you have to prove to them you are putting them and their customers first. Being kicked off of Amazon is a death sentence for your business. As the world's largest ecommerce retailer, and controlling 1/8th of all online sales made in the world, you need them. That means you put them and their customers first, even above your own. No question asked.

    Having a process down prior to selling will ensure you get the very most out of selling on Amazon and help ensure your good standing for the lifetime of your business on this crucial keystone of your online business.

    Rook SEO Can Help You With Your Amazon Strategy

    With personal and professional experience in selling items on Amazon, we can help you and your organization put together a marketing strategy that will ensure a quick ROI, and a lifetime of highly qualified and motivated buyers, and even get Amazon to market your products through PPC and SEO on your behalf.

    Understanding the inner workings of amazon, their ranking factors, and their processes are vital to your success. With first hand experience, our team can help you learn how to sell on Amazon, develop the processes necessary to succeed in this marketplace, and ensure your proper good standing for the lifetime of your business.

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